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Close to the Tiber, the sulphurous waters of "Castello di Ramici" gush forth. This is sulphurous-salse sulphate alcaline-earthy water. This spot can be arrived at by car following the road to Attigliano or alternatively by means of a country road of which only the first part is covered in gravel. To arrive at the ruins of "Castello di Ramici" one has to go by way of the Morre fountain. The path follows the old route that connected Lugnano with the Tiber valley, making it possible to roam over the surrounding countryside. On arrival at the spot on the banks of the river Tiber one finds the spring where the water (15 celsius) gushes forth pervading the air with the odour of sulphur. There is a project underway to make the sulphurous water available to the public.

A large basin divided by an artificial rivulet collects the water that gushes from the fountain. To enjoy the benefits of this water it is possible to immerse oneself in the water contained in the basin thanks also to a sanitary facilities block. There is a series of fenced wooden walkways around the basin that blend in perfectly with a nature trail that focuses attention on the typical vegetation of this area, one of the most beautiful of the Tiber valleys set between the banks of the river and the clayey badlands ("calanche") in the background. The facilities are completed with a parking area for cars and one for resting horses connected to a horse trekking route. This project will enable the public to use the water for its numerous remedial properties.

The Ramici waters are recognised as containing numerous properties. Many chronic ailments to the joints, bones and muscles are relieved by the therapeutic properties of this water. The anti-inflammatory properties of the "Castello di Ramici" water have been documented by several research studies. Thanks to these properties a number of skin ailments such as eczema and dermatitis as well as rheumatic problems can be greatly helped by bathing in this water. Healing properties to deal with any inflammation to the female genitalia and venous pathologies to the lower limbs have also been documented. If drunk, the depurative effect of this water on the digestive system, liver and bile ducts is not to be overlooked. We can confirm that this water is effective both to prevent and treat certain ailments and thereby augmenting the sense of general good health.

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2019, January 02