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Church of Santa Maria del Ramo / di Ramici
immagine Church of Santa Maria del Ramo / di Ramici
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Off the road leading to Attigliano and set right in the midst of the Lugnanese countryside one finds the tiny church of Santa Maria del Ramo/ di Ramici. The dirt track leading to this small shrine lies off the Lugnano- Attigliano provincial road and winds its way down into open field land with the thicket of Cerreto on the right and the northernmost part of Poggio Gramignano on the left.

This tiny church rests on a hillock surrounded on three sides by a sharp downward slope, at the base of which there winds the "Molinaccio" ditch

A truly isolated and tranquil spot in the midst of nature surrounded by cypress trees, within a well-kept area that provides the perfect destination for a trip into the country. Much of the credit for this care is due to the Ramici Committee ( "Comitato di Ramici") who carry out their commitment with zeal and enthusiasm. The Shrine was built at the beginning of the fifteenth century in honour of the image of a Madonna that according to legend was miraculously found by a young shepherdess in the branches of an oak tree.

For about 600 years the Lugnanese have held a special devotion to this image. Even to this day, the walls of the church are covered in votive offerings in testimony of graces received or as prayers for help in times of danger or difficulty. Every year on 12 May a day of "festa" or celebration is held here. The entire village transfers down to the shrine with some members even making their way on foot. The religious and secular aspects are combined in a great festa involving the whole community.
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